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Sunday, June 15, 2014


We've heard a few people talk about ALLO MON COCO and how great it was! People have said that "we have to go" because their potatoes "are to die for", but we were well warned about their long lines. Well, we wanted to see what all the fuss was about. After a little bit of research, we found out there was multiple locations in and around Montreal; we headed to their west island location on a Saturday afternoon. 

Restaurant Exterior

We arrived around 2:00 pm; we decided on a later brunch because it was Mother's Day and knew it would be super busy everywhere.  That said, we did have to wait for a table; roughly 30 minutes.

Restaurant Interior

Stepping into the restaurant, there's a playful atmosphere. There's whisks that line the centre post, adding to the whole breakfast theme.  The colours were bright, but not too much where it was overwhelming.   In terms of space, Allo Mon Coco offers the perfect set up for large groups.  The only downfall about seating and large groups is that EVERYONE must be present to be seated (one of out biggest pet peeves for restaurants!).

Before even looking at the menu, we ordered coffee immediately- one filter cup ($1.95) and one latte ($3.95). Both were really great. We then started to flip through their menu and realized that they had SO many options for drinks. Allo Mon Coco offers up a great selection of fresh juice, smoothies, and fruit cocktails. They also had a full liquor license. Speciality coffees and mimosas were $6.50.

Glancing at the menu that morning was overwhelming, but in a good way. There were pages and pages of options, all of which sounded so delicious. They had various types of eggs benedict ($14), more than a dozen choices of omelettes ($8- $15), waffles ($9-$14), combination plates ($12-$16), health menu and a kid menu. G decided on "Coco Waffles"- the great combination of sweet and salty, and M decided on "Cochonette". We also noticed that their potatoes had the option of coming with cheese (cheddar, swiss or half/half)- when in rome...

"Coco Waffles" - 2 eggs, choice of meat, 1/2 waffle with fresh fruit ($12.75)
"Cochonette": 2 eggs, 2 pancakes filled with sausage and cheese, and potatoes ($12.75)

Even though it was really busy, our meals came out in less than 15 minutes- super quick! The plates were also gigantic and looked so appetizer when they were placed in front of us. When we finally sunk our teeth into our meal, it was like heaven- everything was cooked to perfection, and the combination of flavours was great. Furthermore, as everyone promised, their potatoes were AWESOME! Their potatoes are sort of like mashed potatoes, something different from your typical brunch- they were so yummy, and the cheese paring was incredible! 

The service we received that morning was also good. Our waitress was very sweet and came to our table often to fill our coffee cups. It took a while to get our bill, but that's our only little complaint. 

Overall our experience at Allo Mon Coco was fantastic. While we waited quite a bit a time for a table, the service and taste definitely made up for it. We are so excited to hear that they are opening a location near our new home, too - we can't wait to go back! 


Jeans: Forever 21
Shirt: SARAH STEVENSON for Target (Special Collaboration)
Purse: HEYS, Nails: ZOYA "Neely"
Bracelets: Tiffany and Co
Brand new ink from Lebanon "HABIBI"

Shirt: JOE FRESH, Scarf: Gift from Turkey, Sunglasses: RAYBANS
Fresh Ink from Lebanon!
Atmosphere: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Taste: 5/5

Various Locations
Types of Payment: CASH, DEBIT, CREDIT
Reservations: YES

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The Beauty & The Babe

* Since mother's day, we went to the Laval location. A noticeable difference was the space- it was much smaller than the west island location. The waiting line was terrible (AGAIN!) and a bit disorganized, but they always seem to make it up to you once you sit down. The service and quality of food was perfect- always great to see continuity! 

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