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Wednesday, May 7, 2014


The Mile-End is a really exciting part of Montreal. There's a lot of buzz around the neighbourhood as new restaurants and shops are always popping up.  One restaurant that we heard about frequently was NOUVEAU PALAIS located on Bernard. G has been here before, but for dinner and cocktails. 

From the outside, Nouveau Palais looks like an old diner- and that's exactly what it is. Quite honestly, when you step inside, it's like you've entered a time warp to the 1970s. The restaurant is lined from head to toe in wood panels, and everything about it is "vintage" - the stools, artwork, booths, even the plates and placemats. 

The moment we walked in, we also noticed a live DJ. It then came to our attention that every Saturday afternoon brunch, from 11:00 am - 3:00 pm, is "Disco Dejeuner" with John Lee- a really nice touch from your typical brunch!

At first glance, the menu is very simple and offers very little. When you start to browse the choices however, you can see that they have some really special dishes. Some of the choices include chicken and waffles ($13.60), breakfast "lumberjack" sandwich ($7.95), classic eggs, potatoes and toast ($5.15), pancakes ($9.35) and an omelette of the day ($8.85).  They also a long list of "sides" and "extras". (grits, biscuits, muffin, meats, etc). 

To note, drip coffee is NOT included with the main dishes. Good news is that coffee only runs for $1.95 and bottomless cup. The coffee and latte was really good. The latte was extra creamy and a slice of heaven. 

When we walked in, the fresh baked muffins ($2.50) were starring right at us. As such, we started with a daily muffin; cranberry and orange.  For our main dishes, G decided on the lumberjack sandwich, and M chose the omelette of the day, with a side of pancake.

Muffin of the Day
Omelette of the Day: Tomatoes, Labneh, with a side of  toast.
Breakfast Sandwich:
Tomatoe, Egg, Lettuce, Cheese, Bacon and Mayo, served on a biscuit.

G's lumberjack sandwich was a yummy biscuit filled with tomato, lettuce, cheese, bacon and egg. It was great! M's omelette of the day had tomato, and labneh (a form of Middle Eastern cheese). The flavours were great, and a combination you don't typically see in an omelette. Finally, the pancake was good- and it came with real maple syrup (a little luxury).

Our full spread
While our meals were tasty, there was something missing- we felt that there should have been some sort of "side" that you didn't have to order separately. I guess we are also use to potatoes, fruit or green salad that automatically comes with the dish. Nonetheless, we left a little bit hungry. 

The atmosphere of the place, was. . . well. . . we really hate to use the word "hipster", but there isn't any other word to describe the place.  Some people may like that, some people may not. We found the place to be very charming, casual, and relaxing though. In addition, the service we received that morning was incredible- that added to our whole experience. Our waitress was extremely friendly and frequently came to load up our coffee. The speed of service was quick, too- we didn't wait too long for our plates.   So, if you're looking for a relaxing breakfast spot, one that offers quality, interesting dishes, Nouveau Palais is a place for you to check out. 

THE BABE: Jeans- WINNERS, Sweater: H&M, Scarf: SIMONS
Stone Ring: Purchased at Byblous Souk in Lebanon, Bracelets: TIFFANY and CO.
Nails: TOM FORD 
Service: 5/5 
Atmosphere: 3/5 
Taste: 4.5/5
Price: 3.5/5

Nouveau Palais
281 rue Bernard Ouest
Montreal, QC
(514) 273-1180

Types of Payment: DEBIT, CASH (no credit)
Wheelchair Accessible: NO
Reservations: NO

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