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Monday, October 14, 2013


We realized that rue Masson really made an impression on us since we have discovered the area. Since it isn't too far from home, it was an easy choice to pick a restaurant on that street. One that stood out was M SUR MASSON; we could not help but notice the cute harvest decor in the windows. That said, we made our way there for Sunday brunch. 
Restaurant Front
When you walk into M sur Masson, you will notice the the restaurant is divided into two sections. The section on the right is much smaller than the other.  We were seated in the larger section, next to the window (the perfect spot). It was a great place to sit because we had the view of the beautiful church across the street.

M sur Masson pays attention to detail. They took advantage of the autumn harvest and lined the windows and inside the restaurant with a variety of pumpkins; fresh flowers also made a beautiful touch. The seasonal decor was exceptionally beautiful because it played up the high, rugged ceilings and rustic chairs and tables. The artwork was also beautiful- they have some major pieces that definitely make a presence in a room. Another beautiful component were the long benches for seatings, which kind of resembled church pews. 

The menu has some items that rests permanently on the page, such as eggs benedict,  greek yogurt/granola/fruit, and eggs and meat. They also have some non-traditional brunch options - steak and fries, a burger, and salmon tartare. Most of the dishes range between $11 - $23. Some of the options however, differ from week to week. For example, they have a "Grilled Cheese du jour"(Grilled Cheese of the Day) and "Pain dore du Moment" (French Toast of the Moment).  In addition, M sur Masson offers a brunch table d'hote, something different from your typical one service brunch experience, for $18. For the first course, you have the choice between a soup and yogurt and fresh fruit. For the second course, there are three options, with coffee and tea included.

M decided on the "Grilled Cheese of the Day" - it was topped with a poached egg, and served with a green salad on the side. G decided on the table d'hote, and chose the cauliflower soup and frittata (prosciutto, apples, brie and walnuts), which was paired with green salad.  We ordered a toasted baguette with jam on the side to share.

The dishes we  received were good. The soup was incredible - the little sour grapes made a great addition to the cauliflower. The frittata was a great mix of sweet and salty, and the bitter green salad balanced the plate. The poached egg on top the grilled cheese was something unique for such a dish, but it added a little jazz to a traditional sandwich. What is lovely about M sur Masson is that they only use Quebec ingredients- and you can definitely taste it! Their coffee was also delicious. 

Unfortunately we felt that the pricing of M sur Masson was a little steep. To elaborate, M's dish was WAY overpriced- she paid $16.00 for a grilled cheese and green salad (we've ordered many grilled cheeses, and this was by far the most expensive. . . and not the best tasting - it was good, but not the BEST considering the price). On the other hand, we felt G's meal was fairly priced- you did get a bit extra for only a couple of bucks. Needless to say, our meal came up to a little over $45.00, NOT including tip- this place will definitely put a dent in your wallet. 

For the most part, the service we received was good. Near the end of our meal however, it started to really dwindle. It took forever to get our bill (literally over 20 minutes!)  . . . to a point where we were becoming really annoyed; there's nothing worse than asking for your bill (multiple times) and seeing your waiter forget (over and over) and serve other tables in the meantime.  Our meals took some time to come out as well, but that's partly due to the fact that they were a full house. 

If you're planning on checking out M Sur Masson, it's definitely a warm, cozy place to spend your morning. Their menu offers items that are not typically seen on your breakfast menu. . . but we recommend choosing the table d'hote (even though the options are slim in that menu) - this way you will leave feeling like you got your moneys worth.  Another positive note about this restaurant is that they take reservations- something we also recommend because this place can fill up quickly.  It's important to note that M sur Masson only serves brunch on Sunday, from 10:00am - 3:00pm. Overall,  M sur Masson can provide you with a lovely brunch experience. 

What We Wore
The Beauty- Blazer: CALVIN KLEIN, Jeans: FOREVER 21
Shirt: TARGET, Nails: SINFUL COLORS (Let's Talk),
Purse: CHANEL, Boots: Purchased via WINNERS
Scarf: SIMONS, Lipstick: YVES ST LAURENT "Pink in Paris", Earrings: ALDO
The Babe- Jeans: OLD NAVY, Blazer: purchased via WINNERS
Belt: LACOSTE, Shirt: GAP
Shoes: NIKE

Atmosphere: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Taste: 4/5
Price: 2/5

2876 rue Masson
Montreal, QC
H1Y 1W9
Reservations: YES
Wheelchair Accesible: NO

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The Beauty & The Babe

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