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Friday, September 27, 2013


You might remember that we went to Dans La Bouche (Rosemont) on Rue Masson recently.  As we mentioned in the previous post, rue Masson is a new neighbourhood for us. After we finished brunch at Dans La Bouche, we decided to explore the area a little more and note some potential breakfast spots. As we were walking OEUF & BOEUF caught our eye.  Since we were bringing a friend out for a birthday brunch, we thought it would be fun to try a new restaurant, in a new area, for all of us. 

When you walk up to Oeuf & Boeuf, you will be amazed by how large it is. Once you go inside, you will notice that the restaurant is actually two floors - not something to see very often! The decor is very rustic- you literally feel like you are in a barn in the country- it's super cute!

When we got there, there was a little bit of a line up, but we didn't wait too long (maybe 15 minutes maximum). When it came for our turn to be seated, they asked if sitting upstairs would be okay- we said sure. When we were seated though, we noticed that our table was in front of the playroom for children. At first we did not think it was a big deal, but after 1 minute, we really thought it would be best to be seated elsewhere. That being said, this restaurant is SUPER, SUPER family friendly. We noticed they have enough highchairs to fill a room and the playroom was well stocked to keep your children busy. The majority of the tables are very big, so it's a great spot for a large gathering (both round and rectangle). They take reservations, so if you are planning a large family or birthday brunch, this is definitely a good spot to suit your needs. 

The menu was quite extensive. One of the things that was really appealing was the three types of breads you could choose from . They also has an three flavors of homemade jam, which were available at a little extra cost.  Overall, there was a great selection of breakfast choices-  there was a variety of combination plates, sweet and salty, eggs benedict, and your standard breakfast dishes. They also have a huge selection of different meats, all of which you can choose from to accompany your dish. This restaurant literally has everything your mouth would desire- and if a plate didn't have exactly what you wanted,  there were many extras/side dishes to choose from, such as: assortment of cheese, yogurt, fruit/coulis toppings, homemade cakes, etc. The majority of the menu is priced between $11 - $14, which isn't bad at all. They also have a specific children's menu (again, super family friendly!). 
G's Latte - very good coffee! 
G's dish: Omelette with spinach, tomato, chives and goat cheese, potatoes and fruit
M's dish: Eggs, Potatoes, Raspberry/Blueberry pancakes, Spicy Italian Sausage, Fruit
Three variations of bread and homemade jam (raspberry and strawberry/rhubarb) 
The portions of the plates were very good- not too big and not too small.  M really enjoyed her dish and the spicy sausage was really delicious. The pancakes were incredible as well - the raspberry really added something extra.  G's omelette was also very delicious- it was a super filling. Overall, the potatoes and coffee were both fantastic.  While the homemade jams were good, we do not think we would order them again. Finally, the choice of three breads added a nice touch to round off our plates. 

As for service . . .  well, the whole point of this blog is to be honest, right? Well, unfortunately, our waitress was REALLY bad. I mean- really bad. When we asked for coffee refills, she constantly forgot or ignored us (we felt like a broken record after awhile!). In fact, we're pretty sure that the majority of our morning was spent with an empty coffee mug (which is too bad because the coffee was really good!). In addition, our waitress took forever to come and take out order. . . and just really wasn't all that friendly to begin with. When our orders finally came out, there were a  few things missing (my friend didn't get potatoes with her dish, even though it came with it and her boyfriend didn't get the extra meat he ordered). That being said,  we had to call the manager to come to our table since our waitress was nowhere to be found 90% of the time. That said though, we will take the time to mention is that the manager and his son (pretty sure it's his child) are extremely welcoming and friendly; both of them are kicking around the entire restaurant the whole time, checking to see if everything is okay. Actually, it seemed like all of the staff were pretty much on top of their game, but unfortunately just not our waitress. . . 

Overall, Oeuf & Beouf is a really nice spot. Their food is scrumptious and the setting is absolutely adorable. We also loved the fact that all of the staff wear their own plaid shirts, adding to the whole "country vibe". While our waitress was extremely terrible, it seemed that the other staff was okay. As for the final bill, we noticed that all of the little extras do end up adding up- the 0.50$ here and the 1$ there for substitutions can bring your bill over $20 with tip. Nonetheless, this is an great restaurant, especially for children and families. . .  but if you are not a "kid person", just be sure to sit on the main floor. . .
What We Wore
The Beauty- Pants: GAP, Blazer: DYNAMITE, Tshirt: H&M
Necklace: WINNERS, Earrings: CHANEL
Lipstick: MARC JACOBS "Neo-Noir"
The Babe- Jeans: OLD NAVY, Blazer: L'OFFICIEL, Belt: LACOSTE
Watch: KENNETH COLE (gift) 
The Babe: YELLOW
Atmosphere: 4/5
Service: 2/5
Taste: 4/5
Price: 4/5 
3100 rue Masson
Montreal, QC
514 729 4419
Types of Payment: Cash, Credit, Interact
Reservations: YES

Wheelchair Accessible: YES

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The Beauty & The Babe

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