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Friday, August 30, 2013


A few months ago, we were driving along rue Beaubien and we noticed a fancy sign that read REGINE CAFE. Intrigued by the woman on their sign (and the long line) we decided to slow down and took note that it was a brunch/lunch spot.   We KNEW we had to check this place out, especially because it is in our neighbourhood (Rosemont-Est).  

Now, to be quite honest, we have been here before- way before we started this blog though.  We couldn't wait to come here again because we WANTED SO BADLY TO SHARE THIS RESTAURANT WITH YOU (and to eat, obviously!!!)-  so here we go! 

Restaurant Front
Regine Cafe is a busy place, we will put that out there right away. They do not take reservations, so it's one of those places that you should go to for an early or late brunch. Going at peek "brunch hour" (12:00 pm) means that you will wait AT LEAST 30 minutes and more- the more people, the longer the wait, obviously. There's almost always a line - but we promise, it's worth it. 

The moment you walk into Regine,  you will gasp- the mix of vintage and modern decor can literally make you weep- Their pop art logo, crazy wallpaper, and little knickknacks all go together so beautifully. It's eclectic. It's creative. It's perfect. 

For those who do not want to wait , sitting at the jus/espresso bar can get you into the restaurant a little bit quicker.  It's a super cute area, filled with freshly baked treats, magazines and other goodies. We have yet to sit there, but it's definitely a spot for you and your beau as it is super intimate. 

Freshly baked sweets that you can order individually or take home
Once you're inside, you would be surprised how big the restaurant is. Aside from the bar, they have two sitting rooms and they hold a lot of people.  

Incredible seating - view from our table 
Huge family table sitting 
Second room of Regine- more Baroque decor
As you sit down, your waiter will bring you a complimentary breakfast shooter- that morning's flavour was pineapple and ginger.  Looking at the menu, Regine has less than a dozen breakfast choices. They have one "traditional" dish (eggs, potatoes, fruit, toast), but the others are super original. Their most expensive dish is their "Gauffre" (corn waffle, trout gravlax, cream with chives and tomato salsa) at $16.  All other dishes run between $12-$15.  Filtered coffee is not included with their dishes, but it will only cost you $2.50 (free refills!). That morning we opted out of the traditional filter coffee. G settled for a latte with baileys and M chose an ice cold beer. Now THAT'S doing brunch right!

G ordered the "CHIC CROISSANT" (french croissant with scrambled eggs, pulled ham, old cheddar, and spinach sauce), while M decided on the "GRILLED CHEESE" (2 year old Iles-aux-Graux cheddar, caramelized onions, walnut and pistachio bread and mango chutney).  Both dishes came with a side of fruit, potatoes, and baked beans. 
G's Dish: Chic Croissant
M's Dish: Grilled Cheese
Bon Appetite! 
Okay, let's get to the point. The Chic Croissant is probably the best thing that G & M has ever tasted- it is their FAVOURITE breakfast dish in Montreal. It's creamy. It's salty. It's sweet. It's EXQUISITE- basically heaven in your mouth.   

The grilled cheese was excellent, as well. The bread was to die for and definitely blew all other grilled cheeses out of the water.  While M wasn't completely thrilled with the mango chutney, G found it was the perfect little twist to pair with the cheese (note: M is super traditional and does not like anything too sweet, so it's definitely case by case). 

Now, for the pairings. We don't even like beans, yet Regine somehow got us to eat our entire serving. And the Potatoes.... yum! We ordered a side of toasted baguette, because it's our thing (we can't have breakfast without a good toast!). It came with homemade jam and peanut butter.  Finally, their presentation was fantastic. 

As for service, Regine hit the mark. Aside from waiting for a table, you get served pretty quickly once you're inside. Everyone is always friendly and there is a good energy among the staff and space.  The only critique we have is the lack of information about their chef special.  When we received our dishes, we noticed that the table next to us got something that was completely off the menu. We asked the waiter what it was- it ended up being fried chicken and waffles.  He failed to mention the dish when we were deciding what to eat. In fact, no one has EVER told us about the special any of the times we have been there. 

By now, I'm sure you can tell that we are absolutely in love with this place. That being said, it is shocking that not many Montrealers know about this spot. I hope that changes, because this is one for the books. Now,  do yourself a favour and indulge a little....  just be sure to ask about the daily special so you don't miss out!  (ps: all their staff is SUPER hot!)

What We Wore 
The Beauty- Top: H&M, Skirt: Gap
Necklace: Thrifted/Vintage, Earrings:  Real Pearls (gift from Mom),
Lipstick: Maybelline Vivid Sensational "Fuchsia Flash"
Shoes: GAP, Purse: Heys
Nails: Deborah Lippman "Glitter and Be Gay" (actual name, yes!) 
The Babe- Shirt: Joe Fresh, Shorts: Old Navy, Bag: Lacoste
Belt: Lacoste, Shorts: Old Navy
Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Hat: Penguin 
Hers & Hers Watches: Kenneth Cole 
Atmosphere: 5/5 
Service: 4/5
Taste: 5/5 
Price: 4.5/5

Regine Cafe
1840 rue Beaubien Est
Montreal, QC
H2G 1L6
(514) 903-0676
Methods of Payment: Cash, Interact, Credit Cards (at the table)
Reservations: NO (during the week, yes)
Wheelchair Accesible: NO

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The Beauty & The Babe

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