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Saturday, August 10, 2013


We have been out of the city for a couple of weeks, so when we arrived back to Montreal, we really wanted to treat ourselves. G also finished her thesis for grad school, so there was a little bit of celebration to be had! That said, we decided on Saturday brunch at the MAISON BOULUD, located downtown. Maison Boulud is a restaurant at the luxurious Ritz Carlton, which opened last year. 

Restaurant Front 
Walking up to the restaurant, you will notice that Maison Boulud has it's own private entrance, separate from the hotel. This entrance makes it comfortable for people who are not staying at the hotel to drop in.

Simply put- Maison Boulud is elegant.  We couldn't snap too many photos of their main seating area because they were filming a tv segment (Sorry, but no preview of the main interior! But be sure to check out their website to get a view of their GORGEOUS seating, stocked wine cellar and fireplace). Nonetheless, we sat on the backyard patio, near the gardens. It was sunny out, so there was no other area we would have wanted to be. 
Sun room before the patio
Patio seating  
Maison Boulud offers table d'hôte and a la carte options.  We settled for the "Dejeneur Gourmand", which costs $37 per person. At first, this sounds like a steep price, however this selection includes: viennoiseries basket, charcuterie and cheese plate,  and one principal dish per person.  Also, the whole table is served with unlimited coffee & tea, any choice of bread, jam and unlimited juice (freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice).  

Sweet and Salty Pastry Basket
Meat and Cheese Plate
The mix of sweet and salty appetizers was a great way to start our morning. While it was delicious, we did not finish the platters because we wanted to leave room for the main courses! The combination of coffee and orange juice was also a great pairing. 

Throughout our meal, the waiters were very friendly and attentive to our table. Everything came out at perfect timing and was presented beautifully. 
M's dish: smoked ham egg's benedict 
G's dish: Belgian waffle
(served with chocolate sauce, pure maple syrup and whipped cream)
The view from our table was also spectacular. As mentioned, Maison Boulud has a great garden in their backyard- there is a waterfall and a pond with ducks (so cute!).  For an hour, you forget that you are in the heart of downtown. Maison Boulud's outdoor waterfall makes you feel like you anywhere but in the middle of the city (you cannot hear all those cars- what a blessing!). 

Technically speaking, Maison Boulud's brunch starts at 11:00 am, but we attended their "breakfast" serving, which is from 7:00 - 10:30 am. We decided for the 'earlier' option because the prices for their brunch rise to roughly 50$ and up- and their menu isn't that different. Something else to be noted, is that there is a dress code, which is "casual elegant" (however jackets for men *and those cute butches* are not mandatory). Finally, it is strongly recommended that you make reservations super early as their space fills up quickly! Overall though, this brunch was perfection- it is the Ritz, afterall. 

M admiring the ducks

Entrance to grand hall at the Ritz Carlton 
Couple Selfie in the Lobby
What We Wore

The Beauty: Dress- Gap, Watch: Kenneth Cole
Necklace: Lilo, Earrings: Chanel, Lipstick: MAC "IM-PASSIONED"
Shoes: Elie Tahari, Purse: Louis Vuitton 
Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana 
The Babe- Jeans-:Old Navy, Jacket: Calvin Klein, Hat: Aldo
Watch: Kenneth Cole, Shirt: Joe Fresh
Belt: Hermes 
Shoes: Purchased via TJ.Maxx, Socks: Happy Socks 
Atmosphere: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Taste: 5/5 
Price: 5/5 

Maison Boulud @ The Ritz Carlton
1228 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, QC
H3G  1H6
(514) 842-4212 
Methods of Payment: Cash, Credit and Debit
Reservations: YES
Wheel Chair Accesible: YES

The Beauty and The Babe
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