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Thursday, July 11, 2013


We made our way to the gay village for Sunday brunch. We decided to go to Saloon, a fun restaurant known for their unique decor, young and hip atmosphere and delicious dinner. We were especially excited to go because St. Catherine is currently closed off from cars, so the streets are wide open, full of patios.
Saloon's patio
Unfortunately it began to be a little bit cloudy, so we decided to sit inside.  When we arrived, it was full of life. Despite how busy they were, we did not have to wait for a table (a huge plus!).
View as you walk in
The view from our table, Part 1
The view from our table, Part 2 
Their menu is pretty divers, offering both traditional dishes to fusion dishes. They offer everything from simple eggs and meat, to eggs benedict, and interesting crepes. They also have healthier options like omelettes and fruit and yogurt. For those who want a little extra, Saloon offers a variety of side orders. For those who want to make substitutions or changes with their dish, they will cater to your mouth's desire (a very rare find!).

M's dish: "The Conventional"
Two eggs, 1 meat, fruit, toasted baguette, tiny muffin and homemade jam
M's side of blueberry pancakes and maple syrup (side order)
G's dish: "The 'Almost' Porky Pig"
Fresh vegetables and  roasted potatoes sautéed in a pan, topped with cheese and eggs (of your choice)
G's lattee: yummy and creamy 
Most of their dishes run between 9$- 16$ dollars. One thing we were surprised about was that coffee was not included in their prices, however for a little over 1.50$, you get free refills of their drip coffee.

Overall, the brunch was excellent. The waiters were friendly (and super hot!) and the atmosphere was basically perfect.  The presentations of the meals were beautiful and their food was delicious- they left a good taste in our mouths ;) 

What We Wore
The Beauty- Dress: Target (picked out by M!), Shoes: Target
Necklace: Banana Republic, Purse: Louis Vuitton, Earrings: Louis Vuitton,
Watch: gift from M, Bracelets: medley of Tiffany and Co, Nails: Chanel "Holiday" 
Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana
Lipstick: Yves St Laurent "Red Muse", #17
The Babe: Shirt: Lacoste, Shorts: Joe Fresh, Bag: Calvin Klein
Belt: Lacoste, Watch: Kenneth Cole (gift from Z & M) 
Sunglasses: Ray Bans, Hat: Aldo 

Atmosphere: 5/5 
Service: 5/5 
Taste: 5/5 
Price: 4/5 

1333 Ste-Catherine Est
Montreal, Quebec
H2L 2H4
Metro: Beaudry (Green Line)
Methods of Payment: Interact, Credit Cards, Cash
Wheelchair accessible: YES
Reservations: YES 

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