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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Going to Ste Anne de Bellevue is a nice break from the busy city. It's calm neighbourhood offers beautiful dining on the waterfront; quiet and super relaxing. While this scenic part of the island offers quite a few restaurants on the water, unfortunately not many of them offer brunch- we were lucky to stumbled upon KLONDIKE though. 

Restaurant Exterior

This is a bit embarrassing, but we forgot to snap some shots of the interior.  From memory though, it was a really big space. A mix of benches and tables, and great for groups. The restaurant was clean. No complaints. 

The view of the water and yachts was incredible.  It was such a sunny day, that we really enjoyed being outside. 

We started off with come cold, refreshing drinks- M chose a beer and G chose a cocktail.  While we worked on those, we also had access to the soup and cold salad bar, which was included in the brunch specials. They offered a green salad, mixed salad and a pasta salad- a nice variety. They also served fresh garlic bread and soup. 

For the main meal, G decided crepe with scrambled eggs and sausage and bacon. M chose the Steak and Egg sandwich, which came with a side of fries. 

When we got our plates, we were a bit disappointed. G wasn't happy that the eggs were on top of the crepe; they should have been on the side.  The crepe and meat were cooked to perfection though, so that made up for it. As for M's dish, we felt the the cut of the steak wasn't the best- it was really fatty.  Also, Klondike failed for presentation- it just did not look appetizing. We felt that more effort could have been made. 

Our waitress that afternoon was really great. She took our order pretty fast and came quickly with our first drinks. Coffee was included in the meal, however we only received those after our meal (it was a bit busy that morning). We decided to share a piece of cheese cake with the coffee (more on that later). Despite how busy they were, our waitress was so friendly and had a smile on her face the whole time.  In addition, the manager was very welcoming and ensured that we were well taken care of. 

Now that we covered service, let's get back to the cheesecake. We believe that ordering that desert was the best choice we made all morning. It was absolutely incredible! In fact, they offered a large selection of cheesecakes and tarts, all of which looked amazing. They were a bit pricey- but worth every penny (give or take $10 depending on the type of cake). 

Overall, Klondike was an "ok" experience. Their prices were mediocre- the buffet of salads and a entree ranged between $15-$18, which is fair. We think the restaurant has a superb location, but their food wasn't at all good. We suggest heading there in the later afternoon for coffee and desert- you will not be disappointed with that. 

Dress: MERONA via TARGET, Shoes: via TARGET,
Sunglasses: D&G
Nails: CHANEL "Baby Blue" 
Shorts: JOE FRESH, Shoes: ALDO, Bag: ADIDAS
Watch: LACOSTE, Bracelet: HERMES & ALDO (gold faux pearls)
Service: 4/5
Taste:1/5 (cheesecake - 5/5!)
Price: 3/5

Klondike Resto-Bar
100 rue Sainte-Anne
Ste Anne de Bellevue, QC
Types of Payment: Cash, Debit, Credit
Reservations: Yes
Wheelchair Accesible: Yes

The Beauty and The Babe

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


When it comes to birthdays, we always want to make our brunch outing extra special. Since it was M's birthday recently, G decided to bring her to the old port; SUITE 701 located in Hotel Place D'Armes. 

Restaurant Exterior

From the exterior, Suite 701 is absolutely stunning. The building is a gorgeous 19th century neoclassical building, facing the Notre-Dame Basilica. It's located in the heart of the Old Port, literally steps away from a metro. 

Stepping inside, Suite 701 takes your breath away.  It's posh, warm and spacious. The super high ceilings really make a statement, and the lighting is perfect. While it's a bit on the fancy side, it's still laid back (enough so to be able to wear jeans...).  We took notice that they offer a terrace on the rooftop of the hotel. Unfortunately do not serve brunch there, which we thought was a really big downfall.  

Restaurant Interior
Restaurant Interior

G started off with a mimosa ($10) and M chose an Irish coffee($12). We opted out of the filter coffee that morning because we felt that $2.75 was a tad bit expensive- we were a bit surprised it was not included with the main dishes actually. 

Their menu offers great choices. There is a traditional breakfast plate, benedict, an omelette, breakfast sandwich, and two healthy options; one of everything. They also had their house version of mac n' cheese and fried chicken n' waffles- two dishes that you are seeing pop up at restaurants these days. Finally, they had two plates that were more on the lunch side. Prices ranged from $13 (granola and banana) to $22 (ribs, bone marrow and eggs. They also had sides of croissants, crumpets, scones, fresh fruit and oysters. 

G went for the breakfast sandwich and M decided on the full breakfast plate - traditional choices for us! To start off though, we shared a portion of scones and cream. 

Fried egg sandwich with Bacon and Arugula, Potatoes ($14) 
2 eggs, 4 meats, Creton, Toast and Potatoes ($15)
Strawberry Scones and Whipped Cream ($4) 

Considering we were only a dozen people in the restaurant, our dishes came out rather quickly.  The portions were great, and the plating was beautiful. More importantly, the taste was phenomenal. The potatoes were by far our favourite since we've started blogging. G's breakfast sandwich was especially good- a new favourite for her.  M also found that the meat selection was great for her dish and the country style bread was delicious. Finally, the scones were the perfect sweetness to pair the salty dishes.

In terms of service, our waitress was less than great. We believe she was new because she wasn't able to answer simple questions about the menu. In fact, when we were doing research beforehand, one of the common themes was bad service. Luckily, our experience wasn't that terrible. Our waitress was still very sweet and personable. 

In a nutshell, we thought this brunch was excellent. We cannot describe how DELICIOUS the meal was! Our bill ended up being quite high after the cocktails, side dish, and main courses, but it was all worth it- we felt like queens that morning. A little secret that we didn't know about,  is their special from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm- with the purchase of a main course, you have access to an open bar for only $25 - its worth to do a late brunch (especially considering we felt the cocktails were also expensive). Finally, on Sunday Brunch there is a live DJ to increase the experience even more. We highly recommend this spot - and take advantage of their reservations. . a rare luxury here in MTL! :) 


Dress: MORONA via TARGET, Sunglasses: D&G
Purse: Louis Vuitton, Nails; CHANEL "Tutti Fruiti"
Shirt: H&M, Scarf: MORONA via TARGET
Watches: KENNETH COLE (both)
Shoes: ELIE TAHARI (Left), Winners (right)

Atmosphere: 5/5
Service: 3/5
Price: 5/5
Taste: 5/5 

Suite 701
701, Cote de la Place d'Armes
Montreal, QC
Reservations: YES
Types of Payment: CASH, DEBIT, CREDIT (at the table)

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After a delicious brunch, M was treated to a spa day at BOTA BOTA Spa-Sur-L'Eau. Here's a few snapshots from our fantastic morning...

The Beauty & The Babe

Sunday, July 6, 2014


We've spoken about Groupon and the offers they post from brunches in city. If you remember, we went to L'Oeufrier and had a pretty good experience.  M found "Le Quartier De Dejeuner", located in the west island, so we thought we'd jump at the offer. We paid $10 to spend $20 worth of food, on anything on their entire brunch menu (some deal sites have an offer, but you must choose from a specific menu). 

Le Quartier is located off of the 40 highway, near boul. Des Sources. It's not surrounded by anything special, and is in a quiet neighbourhood. It's also connected a strip of other restaurants and businesses, so it's quite easy to miss.  From the exterior it's simple in detail. 

Stepping in however, Le Quartier offers patrons a cute atmosphere.  The exposed pipes give it an industrial feeling. The color palette is soothing. The decor is also simple but very classic.  

There are two dining areas. To the right you'll find lines of tables, and on the left, you can seat in more comfortable booths. One thing that was very apparent was that the restaurant was extremely clean. 

Restaurant Interior
Restaurant Interior
We ordered the usual- 1 coffee and 1 latte, and sipped on them while we took a gander at the menu. Their menu was quite big. They had a large selection of combination plates, eggs benedict, omelettes, french toasts, crepes, pancakes, waffles, breakfast sandwiches. They also offered healthy options, a kids menu and a great selection of side options.  Finally, they have a nice selection of milk shakes and fruit smoothies, to round off the meal nicely. 

M finally chose "The Switzerland" and G decided on "The Belgium". One thing we can say, was that service was super quick- our plates came out in less than 10 minutes.  The presentation was nice and the plates were huge. 

Everything was cooked to perfect.  The eggs were very well done, just the way we like them, and the potatoes were so yummy! 

"The Switzerland" - 2 eggs, Bacon (swapped for sausage),
Crepe filled with 
banana and chocolate, potatoes and toast
"The Belgium"- 2 eggs,  Bacon (but I replaced it with sausage), 
1/2 waffle with fresh fruit, potatoes and toast
We have to say that this place was really great. The prices were just right; the most expensive thing on the menu was $13.95, which was for an egg benedict. The food was delicious and the service was fantastic- quick and our waitress was extremely nice. The only downfall about Le Quariter du Dejeuner is that it's a bit far for those who don't have a car- but if you're willing to treck out to the west island, this is definitely a great choice!

Jeans: OLD NAVY, Jacket: TARGET, Sunglasses: ELIE TAHARI
Purse: LOUIS VUITTON/HERMES Charm, Tank Top: OLD NAVY, Bracelts: Tiffany and Co.
Jeans: OLD NAVY, Jacket: H&M
Shirt: H&M, Scarf: H&M

Atmosphere: 4.5/5
Service: 5/5
Price: 4.5/5
Taste: 5/5 

1858 Boul. Des Sources
Pointe-Claire, QC
Tel: 514 697 1111
Reservations: YES
Types of Payment: CASH, DEBIT, CREDIT (at the table)

The Beauty & The Babe

Sunday, June 15, 2014


We've heard a few people talk about ALLO MON COCO and how great it was! People have said that "we have to go" because their potatoes "are to die for", but we were well warned about their long lines. Well, we wanted to see what all the fuss was about. After a little bit of research, we found out there was multiple locations in and around Montreal; we headed to their west island location on a Saturday afternoon. 

Restaurant Exterior

We arrived around 2:00 pm; we decided on a later brunch because it was Mother's Day and knew it would be super busy everywhere.  That said, we did have to wait for a table; roughly 30 minutes.

Restaurant Interior

Stepping into the restaurant, there's a playful atmosphere. There's whisks that line the centre post, adding to the whole breakfast theme.  The colours were bright, but not too much where it was overwhelming.   In terms of space, Allo Mon Coco offers the perfect set up for large groups.  The only downfall about seating and large groups is that EVERYONE must be present to be seated (one of out biggest pet peeves for restaurants!).

Before even looking at the menu, we ordered coffee immediately- one filter cup ($1.95) and one latte ($3.95). Both were really great. We then started to flip through their menu and realized that they had SO many options for drinks. Allo Mon Coco offers up a great selection of fresh juice, smoothies, and fruit cocktails. They also had a full liquor license. Speciality coffees and mimosas were $6.50.

Glancing at the menu that morning was overwhelming, but in a good way. There were pages and pages of options, all of which sounded so delicious. They had various types of eggs benedict ($14), more than a dozen choices of omelettes ($8- $15), waffles ($9-$14), combination plates ($12-$16), health menu and a kid menu. G decided on "Coco Waffles"- the great combination of sweet and salty, and M decided on "Cochonette". We also noticed that their potatoes had the option of coming with cheese (cheddar, swiss or half/half)- when in rome...

"Coco Waffles" - 2 eggs, choice of meat, 1/2 waffle with fresh fruit ($12.75)
"Cochonette": 2 eggs, 2 pancakes filled with sausage and cheese, and potatoes ($12.75)

Even though it was really busy, our meals came out in less than 15 minutes- super quick! The plates were also gigantic and looked so appetizer when they were placed in front of us. When we finally sunk our teeth into our meal, it was like heaven- everything was cooked to perfection, and the combination of flavours was great. Furthermore, as everyone promised, their potatoes were AWESOME! Their potatoes are sort of like mashed potatoes, something different from your typical brunch- they were so yummy, and the cheese paring was incredible! 

The service we received that morning was also good. Our waitress was very sweet and came to our table often to fill our coffee cups. It took a while to get our bill, but that's our only little complaint. 

Overall our experience at Allo Mon Coco was fantastic. While we waited quite a bit a time for a table, the service and taste definitely made up for it. We are so excited to hear that they are opening a location near our new home, too - we can't wait to go back! 


Jeans: Forever 21
Shirt: SARAH STEVENSON for Target (Special Collaboration)
Purse: HEYS, Nails: ZOYA "Neely"
Bracelets: Tiffany and Co
Brand new ink from Lebanon "HABIBI"

Shirt: JOE FRESH, Scarf: Gift from Turkey, Sunglasses: RAYBANS
Fresh Ink from Lebanon!
Atmosphere: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Taste: 5/5

Various Locations
Types of Payment: CASH, DEBIT, CREDIT
Reservations: YES

Allo Mon Coco (west island) on Urbanspoon

The Beauty & The Babe

* Since mother's day, we went to the Laval location. A noticeable difference was the space- it was much smaller than the west island location. The waiting line was terrible (AGAIN!) and a bit disorganized, but they always seem to make it up to you once you sit down. The service and quality of food was perfect- always great to see continuity!