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Wednesday, December 10, 2014


We saw an ad in a magazine for LE TOASTEUR, a breakfast spot located in Villeray. We've heard about this place, but only knew about their location on Laurier. Considering they have two spots, we thought it must be a good place to try. 
When we pulled up the restaurant, we actually missed it. As you can tell by the photo above, their restaurant front isn't impressive and can be easily mistaken for an apartment complex (which is part of the story).  There's a tiny hand written sign in the window, and a flag on the balcony above that's too high for anyone to notice.  We arrived early that morning, so we received a table right away; we were a table of four. We were first seated by the window, but had to move after 15 minutes. The heat coming from the sun through the window was unbearable, and they didn't have their A.C on that morning.  
Inside, their decor was not impressive.  Simple tables, with minimal decor on the walls. Their ceiling was beautiful though, and they had a gorgeous vintage chandelier. 
We ordered beverages as we looked through the menu. The coffee was good and the latte was nice and creamy.  Filter coffee is included in most dishes. The latte was $5 (so expensive!). 

Their menu is 1 page, double sided. Most dishes ranged between $9-$15.  The most expensive item on the menu were the eggs bene. We were a bit surprised that a vegetarian eggs benedict was the same price as a smoked salmon eggs benne- we don't think its fair to price tofu as the same price as smoked salmon.  All omelettes were $14, again, a bit expensive when some had meat and others only veggies.   We felt their combination plates were better priced. 
Our friends J and T ! 
M chose a special plate that morning. It was two eggs, sausage, toast, potatoes and two carrot cake pancakes with cream cheese topping.  G chose a deluxe grilled cheese with bacon, with a side of scrambled eggs.  Our friends chose a sweet and salty crepe (apple, cheddar and bacon) and a standard combo plate. 
Special of the Day- $12.99
Pomme D'Adam - $14
Deluxe Grilled Cheese - $13.50
Toasteur Special - $14.50 

That morning our meals came out in a timely fashion. The plating of our dishes was okay- nothing to rave about.  It's the first time that we're split down the middle of what we thought of the place in terms of taste. G felt that the everyones dishes were great, included the potatoes, meat, crepes and eggs. The carrot pancakes were especially yummy and so different; a seasonal dish is always fun to try.  M didn't think this place was worth checking out again. She didn't like the potatoes at all and it was the first time she didn't eat more than one. Her eggs were cooked well though.  

Our waiter that morning was good. There was minimal contact, but when he was around, he was friendly.  

The bill came up to roughly $42 after tip. It was okay based on what we received. 

We could tell that this was a neighbourhood favourite because the line outside filled up quickly. Another positive note about Le Toasteur is that they take reservations. We highly recommend making reservations since their restaurant cannot hold too many people. 

What We Wore
Purse: LOUIS VUITTON, Nails: CHANEL "Azure",
Shoes: ELIE TAHARI, Nails: CHANEL "Nouvelle Vague"
Shirt: via MARSHALLS 
Shorts: via MARSHALLS

Round Up
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 2/5
Taste: 3/5
Price: 3/5 

Le Toasteur
767 rue Villeray
514 759 6377 
Reservations: YES
Types of Payment: Cash, Debit, Credit

The Beauty & The Babe

Saturday, November 29, 2014


Heading to Outremont is always a beautiful activity on the weekend. The gorgeous houses paired with up and coming restaurants and cafes, make it for a great day to spend outside, especially on a summer terrace. Les Enfants Terribles isn't a new restaurant to us, as we have been there for dinner before, but we only took advantage of their brunch recently. They've gained quite the good reputation on the late night scene, so we were interested to see how they hold up in the morning. 

In the summer, Les Enfants Terribles offers plenty of seating outside; there's two sections. The main restaurant/interior is also a great area to sit because they open their huge windows on warmer days. Their choice of decor is very modern and chic. Their play of textures makes the restaurant cozy and inviting. There's also a TV near the bar area.  

Luckily that morning we didn't have to wait to get a table. We found out that morning that they actually take reservations for brunch, which is a major plus.  If you didn't get a chance to make a reservation and had to wait a bit, their bar acts as the perfect spot to grab a coffee while you wait. 

We ordered one latte bowl and one filter coffee. Both came out quickly and were delicious.  

Coffee (included in meal) + Lattee ($4.50)

Their menu offers some standard breakfast dishes. There's three sweet dishes (waffles with various toppings),  three egg dishes, three eggs benedict,three omelettes, and three chef specialities (breakfast poutine, breakfast club sandwich, and tartine). Prices ranged from $10-$19.  

M decided on the club sandwich ($13) and G chose the 'le totale'($14).
Our meals came out quickly and the plating was clean and simple. 

The club sandwich was really great. It was the first club we've had that had both ham and bacon, which was a nice combination.  The bread was also very good for the sandwich and the eggs were cooked great. The sugar shack dish was equally tasty. The potatoes were yummy and everything was cooked just the way it should be. Whamade jam and bread were also super delicious! 

The service we recieved that morning was really good. We were greeted by a very nice woman and then served by a great waiter. Absolutely no complaints (contrary to what many people have said on other reviews). 

The crowd was young and hip, but also family oriented. It was a nice mix, that a couple or family would feel comfortable in their space. The restaurant was also very clean. 

Our bill came up to $36.22, excluding tax. Not bad as you pay for what you get. Coffee was included in the meals and bottomless cup. We'd head back again!  

What We Wore
Tank Top: ELIE TEHARI, Flip Flops: TARGET
Sunglasses: MARC JACOBS, Necklace: BANANA REPUBLIC, Earrings: ALDO
Tank: H&M
Shorts: JOE FRESH, Holster: ETSY

Service: 4/5 
Atmosphere: 4/5
Taste: 4/5 
Price: 4/5 

1257 rue Bernard
514 759 9918
Method of Payment: Cash, Debit, Credit
Reservations: YES

Les Enfants Terribles on Urbanspoon

The Beauty and The Babe

Saturday, November 1, 2014


We were browsing online and noticed a new brunch spot popped up called "Le Nid Poule", located on Mont Royal. We decided to check it out. As we pulled up closer to the restaurant, we noticed that it took over La Grand-Mere Poule, a restaurant that was very well known on Mont Royal.

Le Nid Poule has a catchy sign, so you will not miss it. That morning they had their garage door open, which let in fresh air into the restaurant. It also gave you a preview to what you were walking into. 

The colour palate of the restaurant is really great. Their decorations and all the little details add to the coziness of the space.  It's inviting, it's fun (you definitely need to check out their bathroom!). 

That morning it was quite full. We had to wait in line, but since we were only two people, we didn't wait too long. There's a little waiting area but most people had to stand outside.  While we were waiting, the hostess gave people a sample of their homemade smoothies- a nice little tasting while we waited.

M was pretty impressed with the smoothie (or 'cocktail'), so she ordered one; a small was $3.15. She also ordered a cup of joe ($1.75) and G ordered a small latte ($3.25). Both fit the bill and were good. No complaints.  For  the extra thirty lady or gent, you can order a cold beer for $5.75.

They have a 10 page menu. Each page is dedicated to some type of category: fruits, bagels & bread, egg platters, gourmet dishes, omelettes, eggs benedict, the 'sweets' (french toast and pancakes). They also have a child menu and an extensive list of side dishes (basically anything is possible to order!). The prices range from $6 (2 eggs) to $14 (eggs benedict).  Most of the dishes come with potatoes and fresh fruit.  G decided on a non traditional egg benedict and M chose a fancy crepe. 

"Le Maisonneuve" (Eggs Benedict) - $12.25
2 scrambled eggs with spinach, on toasted baguette, goat cheese,
sun dried tomatoes and creme fraiche
"Crepe en Folie" (Gourmet Breakfast)- $11.45
Crepe, scrambled eggs, sausage, cheddar cheese, maple syrup and green salad

Even though we were only two people, we waited nearly an hour for our dishes. As you can see, our dishes were nothing too complex. Our waitress was extremely apologetic the entire time, but it was a completely unacceptable that we waited so long. It was the longest wait we have ever experienced during breakfast! 

In terms of taste, it was okay, definitely nothing extraordinary though. G's dish was definitely more flavourful but her potatoes weren't great. They didn't taste fresh and were cold. M's crepe was missing a little something, too. Her salad also didn't come with a dressing- so we had to wait another few minutes for that. 

Our bill at the end of the meal was quite expensive - we definitely didn't think it was worth it. The plates were quite small for what you pay. 

Would we go back again? Definitely not. Would we suggest to try it out- it depends. It seems that this place has a lot of potential so maybe they are still ironing out a few kinks. You be the judge! 

What We Wore
Dress: H&M, Sunglasses: D&G
Necklace: URBAN PLANET, Lipstick: CHANEL "COCO", Earrings: CHANEL
Purse: CHANEL 2.55, Shoes: TARGET, Nails: NARS (PHILIP LIM) 
Shirt: H&M
Sunglasses: COLE HAAN, Hat: Purchased at NYC Vendor
Round Up
Service- 1/5
Atmosphere- 4/5
Taste- 2.5/5
Price- 2.5/5 

Le Nid Poule
1361 Avenue Mont Royal Est
Montreal, QC
H2J 1Y5
514 521-4419
Reservations: NO
Wheel Chair Accessible: NO
Types of Payment: Cash, Debit, Credit

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